Mar 21

On nominations (was om nom nominations…)

This post shouldn’t be so hard to write. I’ve already written and deleted half a dozen poor attempts at humour, all because I find it a bit uncomfortable. So I’m going to be straight about it. Deep breath.

“It’s Ditmar time again and I have some eligible work and if you liked that work maybe you could nominate or vote for it?”


The Ditmars are fan-voted Aussie spec fic awards, any active fan or member of Continuum can nominate. There’s a massive list of eligible work here (wow, we’re a pretty amazing and prolific bunch, aren’t we!) and the nomination form and rules and such are here.

Sooo… my eligible works are:

Best Novel

Debris, Angry Robot Books

Best Short Story

“Flowers in the Shadow of the Garden”, in Hope, Kayelle Press
“From the Dry Heart to the Sea”, in After the Rain, FableCroft Publishing
“Out Hunting For Teeth”, in Midnight Echo 6, AHWA
“The Sea at Night”, in Dead Red Heart, Ticonderoga Publications.

And… err… I’m eligible for Best New Talent.

So, there we go. That wasn’t so hard after all! You know what I’m going to do now? Nominate my favourite books and short stories from 2011! Now THAT’s fun. I encourage you to do the same :)


  1. Sean the Bookonaut

    Density would have to get a guernsey next year I would think.

  2. Joanne

    Where’s the ‘like’ button on this thing…? :)

    I’m glad you liked that story, I have a soft spot for it!

  3. James

    Good luck with the awards. But how can you be eligible for best new talent when you’ve been nominated for an Aurealis previously?


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