Mar 26

Adventures in short story land

Things are afoot in short story land!

I’m very excited to announce that my story, ‘A Memory Trapped in Light’ will be joining some truly amazing company in Epilogue, an anthology from Fablecroft Press (wow, check out that TOC!). And this ain’t just any short story, let me tell you. ‘A Memory Trapped in Light’ is a post-apocalyptic┬ástory set in the Debris universe. The world and the characters might not look all that familiar… well, not yet. But there are some hints and spoilers hidden in this story. Important characters that have yet to raise their game-changing heads. Also, giant undead machine spider things. All good, right?

I’ve also had another story, called ‘The Bone Chime Song’, accepted into a Peggy Bright Books anthology called Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear. Isn’t that just the coolest name for an anthology? The TOC has yet to be announced, but I’ve seen a few folks talking about this around the interwebs, and I think this is going to be a very exciting anthology. I’m thrilled to be involved!

And… another one! My dark flash fiction piece, ‘Dredging’ will appear in 100 Lightnings from Paroxysm Press. This story was inspired by the old bloke who wades through the not-so-pleasant ponds on our local golf course, searching for stray golfballs. You’ll be surprised to hear they aren’t golfballs anymore in the story…

Last, but not least (phew, right!) a rather nice review of ‘Tied To the Waste’ recently published in Tales of the Talisman:

In a future, broken world, where humanity has been reduced to wind, sand, and scrap, the reader finds a little magic. Tied to the Waste by Joanne Anderton was beautiful with hope.”

What a nice thing to say.

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  1. Edd's Stories

    You are very happy for having your stories published, very very happy.
    Do you have’em on your site?

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