Apr 23

Love for Dead Red Heart

There’s lots of love going around for Ticonderoga’s Dead Red Heart.

Sixteen of the stories were included on Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mention List for the Best of Horror 2011. And I’m thrilled that ‘The Sea at Night’ was one of them!

The anthology also received an epic review from Black Static Magazine, and every single story gets a mention!

“In ‘The Sea at Night’ by Joanne Anderton bum Joe intrigues the vampire Gideon, with an act prompted by curiosity seen as kindness and leading to a form of friendship, the underlying emotion that of loneliness, both human and vampire …  an overall excellent collection, one in which nearly all of the stories are unusual and offer different slants on the idea of the vampire, while retaining an essentially Australian feel.”

So congrats to Ticonderoga and everyone in this great anthology!

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