Jun 18

Continuum and Octopuses and Costumes, Oh My!

or ‘what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks’

I know this is way late, but I have an excuse! Convention-flu.

Let me take you back in time, before too much wine, not enough sleep, and an over-reliance on take away food turned me into the croaky, slouching creature you see before you. Back to… Continuum!

Lots of exciting things happened at Continuum, not least of which was catching up with wonderful friends, making new ones, and finally meeting some folks I’ve only ever known through the internet. Crazy times, people, when someone is in the same room as you but the most efficient way to find them is via twitter!

My convention started with an early morning interview with Nalini Haynes of Dark Matter Fanzine. You can listen to it here. We talk about Debris, and Suited, and writing in general — I did my best to make sense, and coffee helped with that! I then braved Melbourne public transport and weather, and visited the wonderful Notions Unlimited bookshop.

This is the point where the convention gets into full swing, and becomes a blur of panels, conversations at the bar, and gin & tonic. The best way to sum it up? How about a photo of Kaaron and I proving that books really are the best weapons?

Highlights include the Ishtar book launch (so looking forward to reading this one!) as well as the launch of Felicity Dowker’s collection Bread and Circuses (ooh so cool!). Speaking of book launches, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear! was also launched. I did a short reading from my story, The Bone Chime Song, and then we all had cake. What’s a launch without cake?

What else happened? Oh yeah, and then I won the Ditmar for Best New Talent. :)

I think this photo (courtesy of Nalini Haynes at Dark Matter Fanzine) shows my complete shock rather well.

My bright orange squeaky octopus, officially named Al Stevens, now looks down at me from his spot on the wall of my study.

Let’s move along now, shall we? Leave lovely Melbourne — with its yummy pizza, and creepy mist — behind and return to Sydney. And real life. After a week at the work sales conference (which did involve a wine tasting, so can’t have been that bad!) I headed to Supanova. I’ve never gone to a Supanova before, but I had a small idea of what to expect. So much energy, so much fandom, so much love for stories no matter how they’re told. I did my best to dress up (in a steampunk outfit which I mysteriously don’t have a photo of… :p) but I paled in comparison to some of the outfits I saw. Check out their facebook page to see what I mean!

EDIT! Marianne de Pierres found a photo of me. Isn’t she helpful? 😉

After a day of chatting to people about Debris, writing, and sci-fi in general, my voice finally packed it in, and I headed home.

So now I sit here, coughing up my lungs. But you know what, it was worth it. Epic fortnight was truly epic. And I have an octopus to prove it!


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  1. Rabia

    Awesome pics! Glad you had tons of fun and congrats on your award!

    1. Joanne

      Thanks sweetheart! *HUGS*

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