Jun 25

Some nice words about my words, which is nice

Here’s a bit of review linkage to warm up this cold Monday morning!

Suited is released in the US this week, and the UK next week, but I believe ARCs are already floating around. Wait a minute. Let’s pause here, shall we, and give a quick OMFG Suited is almost out where did the time go that’s crazy eeeeeek!

Ahem. Much better.

At any rate, Elloise Hopkins has been kind enough to review it over here. She’s said some nice things, including:

Beauty clashes with horrors and Suited is a strong follow up in a series that is still unlike anything I have ever read before.

There have also been some short fiction reviews recently. Sean liked ‘The Bone Chime Song’ from Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear.

The story – it’s content and execution is indicative of an author on fire

Oh that fire does sound nice and warm! :)

EDIT! Oops, silly me, Tehani liked ‘The Bone Chime Song’ too!

Dark, unexpected and tightly written, Anderton makes a fantasy world seem completely real, while using a premise that spirals from a shadowed and lonely place. One of my favourites from the book, and of the year so far.

How could I have missed that? *shakes head*

And Guy liked ‘A Memory Trapped in Light’, from Epilogue. This makes me happy on so many levels, particularly as this story is set in the Veiled Words universe.

Anderton has constructed an exuberant and positively traditional SF story with strong female central characters…There’s a paucity of genuine science fiction in the Australian spec fic scene currently, but the work of Jo Anderton would appear to be a significant exception.

This makes the girl who thought she’d never be able to write science fiction very warm indeed!


  1. Lily Mulholland

    I just bought ‘Suited’ for my Kindle. Loved ‘Debris’ so much. (and did have a chuckle at some of the reviews on Goodreads in which people complained about you not spelling out every last detail, it being slow paced, etc. It’s no McDonald’s people, it’s literature!)

    1. Joanne

      Yay for Suited on kindle!

      Oh you know, it’s all good. Everyone looks for different things from books. What some people love, others will hate. I’m just glad that there are folks out there who are enjoying the books — folks like you! :)

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