Jul 07


That’s right, Suited was just released in the UK/The Rest of the World, and is now officially available everywhere! I’ve even held a copy in my hot little hands. It’s a real book! And it is very nice in the flesh… um… paper…

What’s more, some folks out there in the real world have been reading it. Keith over at Adventures Fantastic said:

 Suited is a dizzying tour de force that’s not really like anything out there.

Which makes me really happy! :) Can you tell?

Upcoming4me also enjoyed the book (after making the point that one should always start reading from book one in a series! I wholly endorse this opinion!)

 Suited is worthy sequel to Debris and Anderton’s great writing promises many great things to come!

And lastly, I’ve been hanging out at the website of my good friend and all-round amazing writer, Rabia Gale, chatting about Suited and the pressures of writing a ‘Book Two’. Come on over and you could win your very own signed copy!

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