Aug 05

A slightly delayed post with photos!

So, I should have done this ages ago. But if I’d got my act together and taken these photos earlier I wouldn’t have been wearing my awesome Portal 2 shirt, and that would have been very very sad.

This would be me, then, with my very own copy of my very own book two!

UK and US versions side by side. I can’t pick a favourite. They’re both so purdy.

Then my photographer decided there wasn’t enough light, and we had to do this outside. So here’s my plaque for the AWHA short story competition, now with added view of the golfcourse!

And this was all well and good until Chess wandered out onto the balcony. I don’t trust this cat around heights. She doesn’t have the coordination. Trust me.

So there you have it! Proof that A) Chess does actually exist (this is often a point of some contention) B) I can carry a cat and award at the same time and B) Books! Awards! They’re REAL!



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  1. Rabia

    LOL. I love the last photo. Tan saves the world, you save the cat. 😀

    1. Joanne

      Heh, it’s what I do! 😉

  2. John

    Are you a Portal fan? I love those games! Are you much of a gamer? If so, what are you into?

    1. Joanne

      I love portal! I’m slightly obsessed 😀

      I love games that have good stories. Really into Japanese RPGs (which totally inspired a lot of Debris!). Xenoblade is a recent favourite. Have an old-school love of the Myst games too – replaying Uru at the moment. I always liked to imagine what it would be like to be suddenly transported to another world like that.

      What about you?

      1. John

        I also enjoy JRPGs but I rarely find (or make?) the time to play them much. It seems with work and life and other interests I am always otherwise occupied. I love the Myst games! I’ve never gotten the chance to play Uru but I own it. Recently purchased it on Steam to make it easier to play when I have time. :) Also, I really enjoyed the Myst books. Have you read those? Currently I only own the first 2 as I gave the third away quite some time ago. When I was reading them I used to have vivid dreams about about finding that the books I owned worked like the books of D’Ni and I could travel there by touching the pages. Have you played the multiplayer part of Portal 2? If not I’d love to hop on Steam and give it a go with you. :)

        1. Joanne

          Oh I did read a Myst book! It was ages ago, but I enjoyed it. Sadly I don’t get very much video game time nowadays. Slowly sloooowly working my way through Uru. Slowly :)

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