Sep 03

Epic giveaway… winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the epic giveaway of epicness! I loved all your questions — and so did the characters of Debris and Suited. You can see their answers here.

It was really hard to pick a winner! Ultimately, it just had go to JOHN, who asked:

You probably won’t be able to get him for an interview but I’ve got a few questions for the driver of the carriage Tanyana took on her first day of debris collecting.  ”Do you always try to cheat people out of their kopeks?  And why did you take more than the 200 you told Tanyana you would take?  Did you think we wouldn’t notice?”

You got Tanyana’s blood boiling John! That poor carriage driver was freaking out!

Please email me at joanne(at)joanneanderton.com to claim your epic prize. Or use the facebook message thingy. Whatever works!

But I can’t help myself. I need to give away a runners up prize to Bevan who asked not one, not two, but eight questions. Mate, you rock! How about a signed book of your choice?

Thanks again everyone. I hope you enjoyed the epicness too :)

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