Nov 03

Book cake and chocolate robots – it must be the Suited launch!

The “slightly belated but still very exciting Australian booklaunch of Suited” was a blast. A lovely opportunity to catch up with friends and family, meet readers, and generally celebrate the awesomeness that is books. Kinokunyia is a brilliant bookshop and was a wonderful venue too.

I was very lucky to have Pamela Freeman do the official launching (why don’t I have a photo of her doing that? I’ll have to talk to my photographer, I think!) Then I rambled on a little bit before signing all the books.

BTW I’m signing a book for Walter in this photo. He did a lovely write-up on the launch over at his blog, where he does have a photo of Pamela!

When I say signed all the books, I mean it! So if you missed the launch, you can still grab a signed copy at Kinokuniya of both Suited and Debris!

Keep in mind, there will always be chocolate available at any launch I do ever :)

Would you like a bookmark with your giant cake?

So thanks to everyone who made it, I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did!


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  1. Lily Mulholland

    Hi Jo, sorry I couldn’t be there, but I was in spirit (even if it was just to sneak a sliver of that gorgeous cake!). Congratulations and I look forward to the launch of Book 3!

    1. Joanne

      I welcome cake-eating spirits :)

  2. Rabia

    Looks like they went all out and got lots of copies of both books. Awesome!

    That cake looks yummy. But I don’t know if Tan would like it if I ate her HEAD. Maybe I should munch on a letter… or a chocolate robot instead.

    1. Joanne

      Yeah, the bookshop were great and very supportive!

      Think we should have left Tan in one piece? 😀 Did you like all the shiny pions?

  1. Demanding Kitteh

    […] to climb up on my shoulder. I settled for being supportive before heading over to the couch to read Suited by Jo Anderton on my ereader. Smokey settled into my lap, sinking down the way she does when she’s […]

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