Oct 05

How is it October?

photo (42)

This year = too fast. Way too fast.

Anyhoo, I got exciting contributor copies in the post yesterday! They’re both such wonderful publications, and I’m a little overwhelmed by the company O.o

“Tied to the Waste” is in The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2012

“Always a Price” is in Award Winning Australian Writing 2013!







In other reprint news “Sanaa’s Army” has found it’s way into a new ebook from FableCroft, called Focus 2012: Highlights of Australian Short Fiction.

The first of an annual series, the anthology collects an elite selection of work which has received acclaim via national and international Awards shortlisting. In creating this collection, we anticipate bringing international attention to the very best of Australian speculative fiction.

Isn’t that nice? There are some amazing names in this book and it’s an honour to be among them. It’d due for release in… well… October! So do check it out :)

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