Jan 05

Unbound pre-order special!

With bonus ebook!

Guess what? Unbound is now available for pre-order over at FableCroft! From now until the print and ebook are released (scheduled for April 2014!) you get a special price if you pre-order AND a free bonus ebook. This is a collection of short stories and interviews from the Veiled Worlds and includes a brand new story ‘A Varsnian Name’. Check it out:




Story: Grandeur

Interview: Tanyana

*NEW* Story: A Varsnian Name

Interview: Lad

Story: A Memory Trapped in Light

Intervention and group interview with reader questions 

The Movoc Under Keeper Tourism Brochure




So head over HERE and grab your special deal :)



  1. Andy James

    I have read and re-read both your novels( DEBRIS and SUITED ) . When is the third book in the trilogy do out?

    1. Joanne

      Thanks so much Andy! Looking at April at this stage :)


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