Apr 25

Book three has a new name!

After a lot of consideration, book three of the Veiled Worlds is getting a new name.

I think Tehani says it best:

Changing a title can be a big decision, especially if promotion for the book has already begun, but, after much deliberation, Jo Anderton and I have decided to change the title of the forthcoming Veiled Worlds novel from Unbound to Guardian! We agreed that the title of Unbound (in addition to being very popular right now!), didn’t really represent the story as well as Guardian. 

This was a hard decision for me, because it’s been Unbound in my head for so long. I planned three books: Debris, Suited and Unbound. But when I actually sat down to write the trilogy, the story changed. And some part of me knew that Unbound didn’t quite fit anymore, but apparently I wasn’t ready to acknowledge that until my wonderful editor pointed it out. Writing can be like that sometimes :)

So Unbound is now Guardian, book three of the Veiled Worlds Trilogy. It’s coming out in June (yay!) and can still be pre-ordered at a special discount HERE.

And it has an awesome cover, let me tell you. Can’t wait until I can show you that!


  1. Mike

    Will ‘Guardian’ ever come out in ‘Mass Market Paperback’?
    I only collect MassMarketPaperbacks because they fit my shelves perfectly. :)
    It’s been a long time since the ‘normal’ paperback (which is larger) came out.

    1. Joanne

      Hi Mike,

      Please forgive the delay in my reply. I totally understand, but sadly no, Guardian won’t make it into MM paperback. I’m sorry to break up the collection! But thank you for reading :)


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