Feb 01

On January, goals and the list

Ok so it’s February. At this point I was hoping to write a blog post about how I’d crossed off ALL the things on my January to-do list. Sadly, that’s not the case, although I’m pretty close!

30k on my current WIP – The Fiery Skies – should have been possible. As it is, I only got 25k.

I’m not beating myself up about it. There are reasons I couldn’t quite make that last 5k. A lot of them are the same reasons I reconsidered my original goal of 45k. Some are outside of my control (like my poor, very sick husband currently asleep on the couch) and there are some I need to address. I’m already working on those.

I love lists. I need them. I have my to-do list on a whiteboard in my study, and I cross it off as I go rather than wipe it clean, so I can see my progress. It keeps me honest, and focused, and I love the feeling of crossing something off like that. Looking up at all those tasks I’ve completed actually gives me a little rush. It says, yeah, you might not have got to 30k but look at everything else you did! So you should keep going! You can do this!

Sometimes life can be shitty and get in the way. The only way to deal with it AND write that book (or whatever your goal may be) is to keep on working.


  1. Amanda J Spedding

    25k is a nice stack of words, Jo. Like you said, life and stuff can sometimes throw a curve-ball at those to-do lists, but having a list in the first place is more than a lot of people have. Go you! :)

    1. Joanne

      YAY for to-do lists! :)

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