Feb 22

The Australian Shadows demon needs a home!

Guess who I picked up at the airport this week? (yes really, that’s what happened)

IMG_1055The Australian Shadows demon! Otherwise known as the award The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories won last year! I think I shall name him Bob. Isn’t he amazing? Also, he’s really heavy. But he needs a home.

Should he sit on my desk, where he can scowl at me as I work? “Write more words or I’ll eat your soul”. He can chat to the robot lamp if he gets lonely.


Or on the shelf with a couple other awards, and a herd of tiny elephants?

IMG_1058 In the lounge room, where he is lord of all he surveys?


Or just freaking out the dog some more?


It’s hard to decide, because he is just that awesome! Any thoughts? :)



  1. Thoraiya

    I think those cute little elephants will keep him in line 😉

    1. Joanne

      They ARE cute aren’t they :) And yeah, how could you argue with them?

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