Feb 28

In February, the writing continues

Today is the last day of February, and the WIP is now 50k. I’m still behind my goal.

Almost two weeks of this already short month were written off when my husband became very ill, and then had a reaction to the antibiotics that were, up until that point, the only thing that seemed to help. Those were two weeks of very little sleep, a lot of worry, many trips to the doctor and the pharmacy, and very little writing. I did have a major freak out at one point, but thankfully I am surrounded by wonderfully supportive people. Husband is well again, which is really all that matters.

Once again, life happened. I keep plugging away, snatching writing time when I can find it, and thoroughly enjoying the story as it unfolds. It’s a rough as guts 0-draft, but that’s ok. Actually, that’s the point. That’s how I work out what the hell the story is about in the first place.

March will also be troublesome — thanks to a work trip that will take up all of the last week. But I know what my goal is, and I will keep working towards it.

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