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May 23

Debris is looking a lot like a real book nowadays

Check it out on Angry Robot’s website, over here! With it’s pretty cover, and cool blurb, and nice comments from wonderful people. And ISBNs. And release dates. Oh my. At the moment October still feels so far away, but then again I would have said that about May not that long ago, and now look …

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Apr 07

Debris has cover art!

I’m trying very hard not to jump up and down in an extremely¬†undignified¬†manner about this. So if you see any such undignified jumping happening in this blog post, please feel free to sit me down and hand me a nice cup of tea. Debris has cover art. Can I say that again? Debris has cover …

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Mar 09


What amazing company.

Jan 11

Just before I disappear…

Excited to see the Aussies taking over Robot land, with news that Trent Jamieson has signed with Angry Robot Books! And now I’m off for a week with these people to write and write and write! No internet or mobile phone access though — I just hope it doesn’t turn into something out of the …

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Dec 27

And what have you done?

Recently? Eaten a LOT. Drunk way too MUCH. And enjoyed every minute of it, thank you. Somehow I felt like I’ve deserved it. The end of the year has been a bit of a battle. Mix up novel revisions with a bout of the flu and a bad back and what else could you call …

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