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Feb 28

Because awesome stories are awesome

I’m doing my fannish duty. I’m making a list of works from 2012 that I enjoyed reading, and nominating them for the Ditmar awards. Why? Because I can. And because awesome stories are awesome, and they deserve it. And then, when there’s a shortlist, I’m gonna vote! Same reason. So if you can nominate and …

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Dec 03



I’ve been in book-land for the past few weeks and terribly lax in my updating. So here goes: A lovely review of Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear over at A Fantastical Librarian. Not only am I thrilled that she enjoyed ‘The Bone Chime Song’ but this bit made me go ‘eep’: When I was approached …

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Nov 28

The Next Big Thing… thing

So, Mr Alan Baxter (and then Catherine Knutsson) tagged me in this Next Big Thing thing, and knowing better than to argue with either of them, I’m here to play along. And I’m going to talk about something new! 1) What is the working title of your next book? It’s currently titled The Bone Gardens. I …

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Nov 03

Book cake and chocolate robots – it must be the Suited launch!

Suited cake cut

The “slightly belated but still very exciting Australian booklaunch of Suited” was a blast. A lovely opportunity to catch up with friends and family, meet readers, and generally celebrate the awesomeness that is books. Kinokunyia is a brilliant bookshop and was a wonderful venue too. I was very lucky to have Pamela Freeman do the …

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Oct 13

A few things happened while I was away


So, I’ve been in Japan. It was wonderful brilliant epic beautiful and fantastic fun. There will be photos. Soon. But a few things happened while I was away! Like, From Stage Door Shadows was launched. It was very exciting to come home to my very own copy (although Navi doesn’t look very excited about it…) …

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