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Aug 05

A slightly delayed post with photos!

Award and Chess

So, I should have done this ages ago. But if I’d got my act together and taken these photos earlier I wouldn’t have been wearing my awesome Portal 2 shirt, and that would have been very very sad. This would be me, then, with my very own copy of my very own book two! UK …

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Jun 18

Continuum and Octopuses and Costumes, Oh My!


or ‘what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks’ I know this is way late, but I have an excuse! Convention-flu. Let me take you back in time, before too much wine, not enough sleep, and an over-reliance on take away food turned me into the croaky, slouching creature you see before you. Back …

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Jun 03

Continuum 8!

photo (25)

This year is moving at an insane crazy pace. Need proof? Continuum is only a few days away! See, crazy! I made a belated decision to go this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to it. No sireee. Jo’s very rough plan for Continuum: Thursday: Get up f**-off scary early. Long drive …

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Sep 19

Dictionary fun

Beta-Reader n 1. An awesome, amazing person who gives freely of their time, energy and expertise to read anything from a short story to a novel (sometimes more than once) and give valuable feedback 2. An awesome, amazing person who raises tricky, interesting questions to which I currently have no answers (but I’m sure we’ll …

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Aug 04

Why I should never have asked my characters to tweet

I walk into the study, head full of grand promotional ideas and high on the possibilities of social media. Tanyana is sitting in my chair, playing with the suit on her right hand like it’s a Swiss army knife. The malleable metal slides out of the band around her wrist, coats her hand, then forms …

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