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Dec 05

Not dead, just busy

That’d be me.¬†What is it about this time of year? It’s like a giant time-sucking black hole has opened up above my house and it’s vacuuming up the rest of the year while I’m sitting here, typing away furiously and otherwise shaking my fist at it. Whew. Don’t worry, I have coffee and I’m not …

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Oct 25

Kinda like Alien just without the chest-burstyness

So, I’m incubating a novel. This wasn’t an unplanned novel incubation, so the symptoms aren’t all that surprising. I knew the story I wanted to write next. I have worldbuilding ideas scribbled in a notebook and I met the main character and her dog a few months ago. But only recently, like in the past …

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Oct 01

It, like, validates my existence

Oh hey, check it out, I seem to have an author page all of my very own over at Angry Robot Books. Guess that means I DO exist! (and should probably stop procrastinating and get back to writing this short story…)

Sep 16

So, it seems my books are REAL books

Or, they will be. I’m peering through my sore-throat, headache-rattled, icky-feeling haze to point to THIS over at Angry Robot Books. That’s me they’re talking about. And those are my books. Debris will be published by Angry Robot Books in 2011, with Suited following in 2012. Wanna say WOOT with me? WOOT! I’ve been calling …

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Mar 01

And we’re back at it!

That was a lovely break, wasn’t it? Yesterday I went through my notes for this series, right from the research I did at the very beginning. I wanted to make sure that things were still on track, that even though the story has changed a lot from those preliminary ideas I am still maintaining the …

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