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Feb 22

Stick a fork in this draft, it’s done

Draft the second is officially DONE. Completed. OVER. New word count comes in at 116,600 up from 113,100. But, the most telling part? I cut (ready for this?) almost 20,000 words of crap. So that means that I also wrote 23,000 new words of not crap. Oh, how I hope they’re not crap. This is …

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Sep 20


Well, there we go, first draft done. Just over 113,000 words in the end. This will grow in the next draft, and probably significantly. This draft suffers from a terrible lack of description. Even I don’t know what a few of the characters look like. And there are at least two vitally important plot points …

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Sep 14

Brain mush

Novel draft = brain mush. 106k and it’s all happening. Not too long now. See you on the other side.

Aug 17

Character guilt

This draft is happening a lot slower than I wanted it to happen, but progress is still being made. In fact, today I start the first of two ‘big events’ at the end. If I had a graph of this story — and no, I don’t have one. That can wait for the next draft …

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May 18

The strangeness of the writerly brain

My writerly brain is being moody. After a productive day yesterday it has decided that no, we will not be working on the novel today thank you very much. I tried arguing with it. I tried tricking it with music and cool scenes set in a long-lost buried city. Nope, no go. Apparently it wants …

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