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Nov 03

Book cake and chocolate robots – it must be the Suited launch!

Suited cake cut

The “slightly belated but still very exciting Australian booklaunch of Suited” was a blast. A lovely opportunity to catch up with friends and family, meet readers, and generally celebrate the awesomeness that is books. Kinokunyia is a brilliant bookshop and was a wonderful venue too. I was very lucky to have Pamela Freeman do the …

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Oct 13

A few things happened while I was away


So, I’ve been in Japan. It was wonderful brilliant epic beautiful and fantastic fun. There will be photos. Soon. But a few things happened while I was away! Like, From Stage Door Shadows was launched. It was very exciting to come home to my very own copy (although Navi doesn’t look very excited about it…) …

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Sep 03

Epic giveaway Q&A

The study is crowded. Tanyana sits on the spare office chair with Kichlan behind her, hand on her shoulder. Lad’s bouncing happily on my Pilates ball. The rest of her debris collecting team huddle in front of the bookcases. Natasha’s flicking through a Sailor Moon manga… that seems like an odd choice for her. Tanyana’s …

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Aug 21

Epic giveaway continues!

The epic giveaway of epicness continues! You guys have sent some brilliant interview questions. Keep them coming! I’ll give it another week or so, then host a massive interview to answer them all and, of course, pick a winner! How will I fit everyone in my study?

Aug 15

Epic giveaway of epic…ness


Quick, guys, I need your help! A few days ago a bunch of my secondary characters ganged up on meĀ becauseĀ I hadn’t interviewed them. You see, I’ve interviewed Tanyana before, and Lad. But not Mizra and Uzdal, or Natasha or Sofia. Or Kichlan (poor Kichlan). Or Devich. Or any of Tanyana’s old circle of nine. Or …

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