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Jan 24

Depends on how you say it..

But sometimes Debris can rhyme with CD! That’s right folks, CD. Just like the CDs in the audiobook version which JUST turned up on my doorstep today! Check it out! Oooh, LOTS of CDs. It even says ‘Unabridged’. I like that. How cool is that? It’s performed by Kate Rudd (who has just got to …

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Dec 28

Debris prequel short story

Happy in between Christmas and New Year, folks! Let’s celebrate these special not-quite-holidays with the traditional gift: a free short story. And not any short story, it’s a prequel to Debris. Grandeur is the story of how Tanyana got the job that would eventually lead to her downfall. Poor woman, she worked really hard to …

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Dec 06

Debris Book Party!

The book party was loads of fun! Lots of love and thanks to the folks who came, and in particular the ones who brought chocolatey goodies. Check out the front of the bookshop (and OMG lookie the books Debris gets to sit next to!) The chocolate robot army! (complete with injuries…) Debris, looking all nice …

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Nov 16

Book party!

(Do come and celebrate with us if you can. It shall be ever so much fun)

Oct 31

A different kind of interview…

Before I can stop myself, I say, “You realise I’m not a real reporter and I don’t have a camera, right?” and regret it instantly. Tanyana stiffens, and frowns. She’s gone and got all dressed up in the tailored, navy blue jacket she used to wear as a circle centre. Her short blonde hair is …

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