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May 15

Money = Books

Payment from Midnight Echo 2 has just come in and I’ve already spent it on New Ceres Nights. I proofread a lot of these stories so I know just how fantastic they are. Can’t wait to get a hold of it! The weekend is finally upon us! And that means writing time. Also, short story …

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Mar 27

More gardening distractions…

You don’t want to hear me complain about these words. I don’t want to hear me complain about these words. Instead, more gardening. A miniature forest in my miniature greenhouse. Broccoli, tomatoes, onions. Poor experiments. My first test subjects. See, even vegetable growing can be creepy. And blurry.

Mar 25

Gardening, not revision

Revision is starting. And because the details of revision (‘wtf does that mean?’ ‘when did I forget how to use punctuation?’) are less interesting to other people than they are to me, I’m going to talk about gardening stuff instead. Poking around at the plants this arvo I met an extraordinary creature. Check him out! …

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Mar 09


A little while ago I was having a writing related conversation with someone. After discussing a new project they asked ‘and what else have you been doing? Besides writing, of course?’ Sounds simple enough, but this question made me panic. Because I couldn’t think of anything. Slush reading, I could have said, but I don’t …

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