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Jun 16

Guardian launch and Shadows Award


Right, so the last time I tried to post this it totally killed my website O.o Fingers crossed peeps! Guardian is out! It’s real! And launched a couple of weeks ago now (damn you website issues) at the national sff convention, ContinuumX! Many thanks to the wonderful Tansy Rayner Roberts who did such a lovely job …

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May 20

Guardian books! Real books!

photo 1

Guess what! Guardian is REAL. It’s a BOOK! And it’s beautiful! Don’t believe me? Check it out: Dion Hamill’s artwork is amazing to begin with, and it’s just so rich and vibrant on the cover there. Yes, I’m gushing. I know this. I can’t help it Also, Trilogy: TRILOGY. Look at it, all three of …

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Apr 29

Guardian cover!


Well folks, I can finally share this with you! Guardian has a cover image, and I LOVES it! I hope you loves it too Art by the amazing Dion Hamill, and design by Amanda Rainey who is just awesome. With extra thanks to Tehani Wessely for all the reasons. All of them. I’m so excited about this cover. It …

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Apr 25

Book three has a new name!

After a lot of consideration, book three of the Veiled Worlds is getting a new name. I think Tehani says it best: Changing a title can be a big decision, especially if promotion for the book has already begun, but, after much deliberation, Jo Anderton and I have decided to change the title of the …

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