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May 19

And then I get to sleep, right?

Blurg, what a day. After a stormy night we woke up this morning to a leak in the lounge room ceiling and a cat with an upset tummy. (The same cat who spent all night yowling at us like we were supposed to, somehow, magically make her feel better, right now!) So I’ve spent the …

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May 10

The Great Nundle Dog race!

So I put the novel aside a few weeks ago to work on that sudden, urgent project. Kept it aside last weekend because G, Gully (the dog) and I drove up to mum and dad’s place to participate in the Great Nundle Dog race! The Great Nundle Dog race started out as a bet between …

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Mar 31


Someone reminded me that I haven’t blogged in a while. This is not a good state of affairs! So, updatery Suited revision is finished, and ms off to beta-readers. I’ve decided that calls for some time off. I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks, feeling burned out writing-wise. So, I’m taking a fortnight (ish) …

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Jan 11


It’s only the very beginning of 2010 and already it’s a super-busy year. Apart from working myself silly with revisions (and a new book idea has popped up AND a short story… down ideas! Sit! Stay!) we spent the weekend up in the Hunter Valley for my younger brother’s wedding. So yeah, it’s been a …

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Nov 11

Midnight Echo 3… coming soon!

Midnight Echo 3 is nearly here and looks suitably creepylicious! Can’t wait to see it. In other news, I’ve had a minor back injury relapse. Not so bad I can’t sit and type, but bad enough to stop me sleeping soundly. Physio tortured me for a while today and hopefully we have caught it before …

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