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May 17

A teaser from A Memory Trapped In Light

I wasn’t going to submit to Epilogue (then known by it’s temporary name, Apocalypse Hope) because I just didn’t have any idea what to write. Epilogue is an anthology of post-apocalyptic stories where there is hope for the future, and hope is hard. I’m all for dark and depressing, twisted, sad, even nasty. But hopeful? I didn’t …

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Nov 27

Midnight Echo 6 Interview

David Conyers is doing a series of interviews for the release of Midnight Echo 6 (very soon!), and now it’s my turn. He calls Outing Hunting for Teeth “one of the most original and bizarre stories in the line-up”, which makes me happy. Original and bizarre! Yay! Check out the interview, and a snippet from …

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Mar 26

Out Hunting for Teeth!

Yesterday I received the very, very exciting news that my short story Out Hunting for Teeth has been accepted into Midnight Echo #6! And seriously, just look at that TOC! I’m humbled (and a little terrified) by the company. Out Hunting for Teeth was inspired by Goya’s etching of the same name This image really struck me …

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Mar 20

Random updates on the state of things

Debris is starting to feel like OMG, this might actually be a real book! I’ve seen sketches of the cover (a cover! REAL books have those!) and a few people around the place have been reading it and saying some nice things. One of them even rambled nice things about it at Galactic Suburbia a …

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Jan 22

Belated story news

Well, I’m back. Actually, I’ve been back for a few days. However, I returned from no internet access to very slow internet access. There will be a proper writing-retreat related post soon, maybe tomorrow, but it will require more patience than I have now. It just took me all night to upload four photos. *sigh* …

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