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Jan 12

Odds and ends and melting

Urk, it’s too hot tonight. Of course, this is nothing compared to what others have been putting up with. But still. Hot. Melting inhibits the revision so instead, I’ll chat about some odds and ends! First, and very exciting, is that the ToC for Worlds Next Door has been announced and my short story, ‘Graffiti’ …

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Nov 14

Another review!

Another review for Midnight Echo 2 and Shadow of Drought over at Horrorscope. There are several clear standout stories in this issue, the first of which is Shadow of Drought by Joanne Anderton. Firmly grounded in the Australian landscape, the reality of drought gives this story a particular impact and makes the creepy events occurring …

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Nov 01

Shadow of Drought review

Midnight Echo #2 has been reviewed very positively over at the Specusphere, Shadow of Drought included: Through many of the stories, there is a distinctive Australian feel, which will definitely draw some uneasy parallels to personal experiences for any Aussies who have ever ventured past their front door, particularly in Joanne Anderton’s “Shadow of Drought” …

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Aug 25

Birthday, review, eyes… yeah I couldn’t come up with a proper title

Well, had another birthday on the weekend. Where does the time go, oh my how it flies etc etc. Spent a lovely few days with close friends — baking the most evil delicious chocolate-stacked birthday cake ever! — and my wonderful husband. Don’t feel much older, definitely not any more mature, but I enjoyed celebrating …

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May 03

Progress, and a review

Novel progress is happening, sadly not at the rate I would like, but still happening. I blame early chapter teething-problems, and Monday’s migraine from hell. I seem to have sorted out the world-building and plot kinks, and a quick reread over the first two chapters proved they weren’t as bad as I’d thought. First drafty, …

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