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Nov 21

Maybe we should just knock the whole thing down?

If this novel draft is a house, then this revision is the kind of renovation where the only thing that stays the same are the numbers out the front. Eeek, I know, analogy torture. I’ve come to the weighty decision that the structure of the entire beginning is wrong. Time to cut, rearrange, paste then …

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Nov 11

Midnight Echo 3… coming soon!

Midnight Echo 3 is nearly here and looks suitably creepylicious! Can’t wait to see it. In other news, I’ve had a minor back injury relapse. Not so bad I can’t sit and type, but bad enough to stop me sleeping soundly. Physio tortured me for a while today and hopefully we have caught it before …

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Mar 02


My scalpel is bloody. Just over 5000 words lie cut on the floor. I have fuzzy eyes from too much computer time, and an achy back. Have some errands to run, they can be my break from the screen. There’s always more to do

Jan 04

Om nom nom

*stands up* Hi, my name is Joanne and I’m obsessed with food. I don’t eat when I’m upset, or lonely, although I have noticed a tendency to munch away the boredom. I just love food. I love buying it (Mmmm fresh fruit and veg) I love cooking it and boy, do I love eating it. …

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Nov 25

It creeps like a creeping thing until it spreads its wings

Debris is stalking me again. It is almost revision time. I have started dreaming about it. I find myself writing new scenes to music in the car. I know the signs. My gorgeous beta-readers have given me juicy, chewy, yummilicious notes to work with. I have printed these, I have scanned them. My fingers itch …

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