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Aug 21

Epic giveaway continues!

The epic giveaway of epicness continues! You guys have sent some brilliant interview questions. Keep them coming! I’ll give it another week or so, then host a massive interview to answer them all and, of course, pick a winner! How will I fit everyone in my study?

Aug 15

Epic giveaway of epic…ness


Quick, guys, I need your help! A few days ago a bunch of my secondary characters ganged up on me because I hadn’t interviewed them. You see, I’ve interviewed Tanyana before, and Lad. But not Mizra and Uzdal, or Natasha or Sofia. Or Kichlan (poor Kichlan). Or Devich. Or any of Tanyana’s old circle of nine. Or …

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Aug 12

This in an intervention

“We need to talk.” Jolted out of the book I’m writing, I turn to see most of Tanyana’s debris collecting team standing in the doorway to the study. Miza and Uzdal in front, arms crossed, wearing identical unimpressed expressions. Sofia pokes her head out from behind Uzdal, obviously unsure about the whole thing. Natasha, as …

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Aug 05

A slightly delayed post with photos!

Award and Chess

So, I should have done this ages ago. But if I’d got my act together and taken these photos earlier I wouldn’t have been wearing my awesome Portal 2 shirt, and that would have been very very sad. This would be me, then, with my very own copy of my very own book two! UK …

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Jul 18

Quick linkage!

The lovely David McDonald has been kind enough to invite me to this weeks ‘Wednesday Writer’s’ over at his blog. My writerly advice? DON’T stick that butt in the chair… (at least, not all the time)! Click the link to find out wtf I could possibly be talking about I’ve also seen a lovely review of …

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