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Jul 12

Instead of disturbing my hard working writing buddies…

…I’ll write a blog post. Aren’t I kind. Unbound Hit a small stumbling block today. We’re at ‘the beginning of the end’ of the novel, and today I was writing one of those big moments. You know the kind. Main character’s in a tight spot, OMG we’re all doomed, then something happens. Something that changes …

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Jul 07


Today’s lesson is about compromise. What do you do when your back goes out, while doing something as apparently innocuous as showering, but you still want to finish a book by the end of the month? Why you set up a laptop on two playstation boxes so you can stand up and write, of course. …

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Jun 23


Unbound I don’t consider myself a runner. A runner is someone who runs seriously, who trains, and who competes in marathons. Me, I jog. Cuz ‘jog’ is casual. I don’t do it in the rain, and I don’t stress if I miss a day, and I certainly don’t race against anyone. But still, reading about …

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May 29

That’s almost half way there!

Unbound And now I have wine, and popcorn and M&Ms, and need to decide which movie to watch. All must be right with the world.

May 24

The result!

Unbound Not actually as much as I wanted to do, but 10k is still pretty good! A couple of pesky plot problems held me up at one point (I’m still not sure I like this scene but it will have to do for now…). And the back has reminded me in no uncertain terms that …

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