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Oct 11


In super exciting news, my Aurealis award-winning short story ‘Bullets’ is now up at PodCastle for your listening pleasure! Okay so it’s a horror story, and it’s pretty dark, so maybe pleasure isn’t the right word? Check it out here!

Feb 22

The Australian Shadows demon needs a home!


Guess who I picked up at the airport this week? (yes really, that’s what happened) The Australian Shadows demon! Otherwise known as the award The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories won last year! I think I shall name him Bob. Isn’t he amazing? Also, he’s really heavy. But he needs a home. Should he sit on …

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Feb 01

On January, goals and the list

Ok so it’s February. At this point I was hoping to write a blog post about how I’d crossed off ALL the things on my January to-do list. Sadly, that’s not the case, although I’m pretty close! 30k on my current WIP – The Fiery Skies – should have been possible. As it is, I …

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Dec 11

Eddings Reread! The Tamuli

EDDINGS RE-READ: THE TAMULI (Domes of Fire, The Shining Ones, The Hidden City) Because we just don’t have enough to do, Alex, Tehani and I have decided to re-read The Elenium and The Tamuli trilogies by David (and Leigh) Eddings, and – partly to justify that, partly because it’s fun to compare notes – we’re blogging a conversation about …

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Nov 07

Guest Post – Keith Stevenson and Horizon


I’m honoured to have Keith Stevenson, author, publisher, editor-extraordinaire, visiting to talk about his book Horizon (out now from HarperVoyager Impulse!) In particular I asked Keith to talk about FTL travel in his novel, because where would SF be without it? Take it away Keith! Horizon — Engage: Tinkering With a Quantum Drive I’d like to thank …

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