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Dec 28

Guest Post: Donna Hanson on balancing writing and life!

Dragonwine Postcard

Today I am lucky enough to be visited by the wonderful Donna Maree Hanson. Her book Dragon Wine Book 1: Shatterwing is free in e-book for a short time. As part of spreading the word about Shatterwing Donna is doing a blog tour and offering a give away of a hard copy of Shatterwing. Winners will be drawn from people …

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Nov 26

Well… that was a long break wasn’t it


So, I just realised I haven’t done an update since February. FEBRUARY. And it’s almost December. How did that happen?? (I think someone stole a chunk of my year! Help!) And you know, it’s not like things didn’t happen this year. Writing, and life, and the eternal balancing act between the two. I even had some short …

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Feb 28

In February, the writing continues

Today is the last day of February, and the WIP is now 50k. I’m still behind my goal. Almost two weeks of this already short month were written off when my husband became very ill, and then had a reaction to the antibiotics that were, up until that point, the only thing that seemed to …

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May 30

Building Working Worlds from Weird Ideas (3 of 3)

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 9.45.25 PM

Continued from part 1 – So where DO you get your ideas from? and part 2 – Turning ideas into worlds   Turning Worlds into Stories You know what’s annoying about thinking in worlds? Worlds are fun and all, but worlds aren’t story. Don’t look at me like that, it’s taken me years to work that one …

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May 28

Building Working Worlds from Weird Ideas (2 of 3)

Continued from part 1 – So where DO you get your ideas from?   Turning ideas into worlds Thinking in worlds I think in worlds. This means  I am incredibly jealous of writers who think in character, plot, or theme, because I never start out with any of those. My ideas, they’re all worlds. Despite my …

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