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May 28

Building Working Worlds from Weird Ideas (2 of 3)

Continued from part 1 – So where DO you get your ideas from?   Turning ideas into worlds Thinking in worlds I think in worlds. This means  I am incredibly jealous of writers who think in character, plot, or theme, because I never start out with any of those. My ideas, they’re all worlds. Despite my …

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May 26

Building Working Worlds from Weird Ideas (1 of 3)

photo 4

At the conflux writers day in April I gave a ‘Writing Skills’ presentation called Building working worlds from weird ideas. I’m not used to public speaking, and the idea of getting up in front of a hall full of people terrified me, so I knew the only way I was going survive would be to …

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Jan 26

Conflux Writers Day

So, have I mentioned that I’m one of the plenary speakers at the Conflux Writers Day in Canberra this April? I haven’t made much of a fuss about this, mainly because *NERVES*… ahem. But you know, I think it’s going to be awesome, and I’m really excited to be involved. The theme of the day is …

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Dec 03



I’ve been in book-land for the past few weeks and terribly lax in my updating. So here goes: A lovely review of Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear over at A Fantastical Librarian. Not only am I thrilled that she enjoyed ‘The Bone Chime Song’ but this bit made me go ‘eep’: When I was approached …

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Nov 28

The Next Big Thing… thing

So, Mr Alan Baxter (and then Catherine Knutsson) tagged me in this Next Big Thing thing, and knowing better than to argue with either of them, I’m here to play along. And I’m going to talk about something new! 1) What is the working title of your next book? It’s currently titled The Bone Gardens. I …

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