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Apr 02

World building and brain storming


I’m building a new world at the moment and playing with exciting, impossible technologies. Here’s a hint

Jul 04

Guest bloggings are a-happening

To celebrate the release of her newest book, the wonderful Nicole Murphy is hosting a series of guest blogs over on her site. They’re all on the theme of ‘Dreams and Fulfilment’ — and I’m really curious to see what all the different authors make of the topic! Kevin J Anderson has started theĀ proceedings beautifully. …

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Apr 28

I’m sure I’ll catch up someday…

I’m SO far behind, thanks primarily to a week in Perth. There, I had a wonderful time at Swancon/NatCon (where I sat on my first panel ever and did a reading from Debris) and had an equally wonderful time doing holiday-related things with the husband. I have photos (mainly of quokkas) and a HUGE pile …

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Mar 20

Random updates on the state of things

Debris is starting to feel like OMG, this might actually be a real book! I’ve seen sketches of the cover (a cover! REAL books have those!) and a few people around the place have been reading it and saying some nice things. One of them even rambled nice things about it at Galactic Suburbia a …

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Feb 03

The writing retreat (finally)

The internet is finally back (yay!) but it’s been too hot this week to really do much with it. In between melting and not sleeping, I lost my blogging enthusiasm. But tonight there’s a cool southerly change, and I can sit at my desk without sticking to the chair, so here (finally) are some photos …

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