The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories

Enter a world where terrible secrets are hidden in a wind chime’s song
Where crippled witches build magic from scrap
And the beautiful dead dance for eternity

The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories collects the finest science fiction and horror short stories from award-winning writer Joanne Anderton. From mechanical spells scavenging a derelict starship to outback zombies and floating gardens of bone, these stories blur the lines between genres. A mix of freakish horror, dark visions of the future and the just plain weird, Anderton’s tales will draw you in – but never let you get comfortable.


Winner of the 2013 Aurealis Award for Best Collection!

Winner of the 2013 Australian Shadows Award for best collected work!


The Bone Chime Song and other stories is a powerful and compelling debut collection from an author who is barely started on her journey and already producing work of incredible quality. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.” – Thirteen O’Clock

“More moving than terrifying, the collection explores the human condition with vigor and grace” – Publisher’s Weekly

The Bone Chime Song and other stories is amazing short story collection, which even though it brings together stories from different genres, works so well on so many levels.” – Upcoming4me



Introduction — Kaaron Warren

The Bone Chime Song 

Mah Song (original to the collection)

Shadow of Drought

Sanaa’s Army

From the Dry Heart to the Sea

Always a Price

Out Hunting for Teeth

Death Masque 

Flowers in the shadow of the Garden 

A Memory Trapped in Light 

Trail of Dead 

Fence Lines (original to the collection)

Tied to the Waste

Published in May 2013 by Fablecroft Publishing.

Available in print from:

Fablecroft’s website

Also available in several ebook formats from:

Wizard Tower Books
Weightless Books


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