Veiled Words, Book One

In a far future where technology is all but indistinguishable from magic, Tanyana is one of the elite. She can control pions, the building blocks of matter, shaping them into new forms using ritual gestures and techniques. The rewards are great, and she is one of most highly regarded people in the city. But that was before the “accident”. Stripped of her powers, bound inside a bizarre powersuit, she finds herself cast down to the very lowest level of society. Powerless, penniless and scarred, Tanyana must adjust to a new life collecting “debris”, the stuff left behind by pions. But as she tries to find who has done all of this to her, she also starts to realize that debris is more important than anyone could guess.

Published by Angry Robot Books.

Shortlisted for the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel

Chosen for the Locus Best First Novel of 2011 list

Shortlisted for the Ditmar award for Best Novel

“A compelling first novel.”
– Locus

“Australian first-time novelist Anderton has created a refreshingly original and complex far-future society and uses Tanyana’s fall, and subsequent investigation into who was behind it, to examine issues of privilege and poverty, loyalty and betrayal. The first book in The Veiled Worlds trilogy marks an accomplished debut.”
– Eric Brown, The Guardian

“Anderton demonstrates a mastery of storytelling and world building in this series opener that is reminiscent of the visionary works of China Miéville. This accomplished debut novel should enjoy a wide readership.”
– Library Journal

UK/Rest of World
October 2011, 464pp paperback
ISBN 978 0 85766 153 1

October 2011, 464pp mass-market paperback
$7.99 US, $8.99 CAN
ISBN 978 0 85766 154 8

eBook – available here
October 2011
£4.49 / $5.99 ePub ISBN 978 0 85766 155 5

Read a couple of sample chapters here

Veiled Words, Book Two

Shortlisted for the Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

Shortlisted for the Ditmar award for Best Novel

Suited doesn’t suffer from Flat Middle Book Syndrome – while it can’t stand alone withoutDebris, it moves the overall arc of the trilogy along at a great pace. If you enjoyed Debris and haven’t yet got your hands on Suited – what are you waiting for?”
– Mandy Wrangles, reviewing for Marianne de Pierres, author of the Parrish Plessis andSentients of Orion series

With a surprisingly realistic heroine, flawed to the hilt as we are in real life, [Suited] is an intriguing story with a protagonist that is as compelling as she is frustrating, and a world that is as rife with danger as it is with misunderstanding.”
– Elloise Hopkins

Suited is a dizzying tour de force that’s not really like anything out there. And that suits me just fine.”
– Keith West, Adventures Fantastic

Jo Anderton has written a unique series in The Veiled Worlds, on a world that has taken technology to the extreme. Suited continued to hold my interest every bit as much as Debris did. In other words, I couldn’t put it down.”
– MK at Popcorn Reads

“I’ve completely enjoyed the plot development and character background information. Similarly to Debris, the story moves in waves and waves, leading up to the final climax.”

Suited is a very good book. It packs in a lot of plot, but doesn’t leave the reader behind. There are well written action scenes as well as subtly inserted exposition … Characterisation is strong and generally involving.”
– Aussie Spec Fic in Focus


5 Jul 2012
432pp B-format paperback
£7.99 UK
ISBN 9780857661562

26 Jun 2012
416pp mass-market paperback
$7.99 US $8.99 CAN
ISBN 9780857661579

eBook – available here
26 Jun 2012
ePub ISBN 9780857661586

Read a couple of sample chapters here!
























Veiled Worlds Book Three

The grand city of Movoc-under-Keeper lies in ruins. The sinister puppet men have revealed their true nature, and their plan to tear down the veil between worlds. To have a chance of defeating them, Tanyana must do the impossible, and return to the world where they were created, on the other side of the veil. Her journey will force her into a terrible choice, and test just how much she is willing to sacrifice for the fate of two worlds.

“Deeply imaginative – a vivid fusion between science fiction and fantasy.” — Tansy Rayner Roberts, author of the Creature Court and Mocklore books

Print RRP: AU$16.99 – available HERE

ISBN: 978-0-9922844-4-2 (print)

Ebook RRP AU$7.99 – available HERE

ISBN: 978-0-9922844-5-9 (ebook)



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  1. Ray Steele

    Read both Debris and Suited, am wondering when the last book in the series will be published? I enjoyed both books very much and can’t wait for the last book. Keep up the good work.

    1. Joanne

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks so much for your comment, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed the books! The fate of book three currently lies in the hands of my Angry Robot Overlords… :)


  2. dr. susan emans

    I bought Suited last week and have delayed reading it for fear I would not love it as much as Debris. Now I am on pp.326 and scared to keep reading because a lot of the sequels that have come out this summer have killed off characters that I am attached to. I will find some gumption soon. Thanks so much for the enjoyment your books have given me.

    1. Joanne

      Hi Susan,

      Oh dear. You can find that gumption, I’m sure! And I hope you enjoy the rest of Suited when you do :)

      Thanks for your message!


  3. dr. susan emans

    Do you know how cool it is to have an author I admire take time to reply to a comment I made? :) By the way, I am a vet, and your cat isn’t dumb, it is very smart and acts dumb so you won’t expect anything from it.

    1. Joanne

      Thank YOU for taking the time to comment! :)

      Hahaha usually I would totally agree with you about cats. But our dear little Chess is… special. She’s loving and cuddly, but she’s not altogether there. She’s also the only cat I’ve met who doesn’t actually land on her feet. We love her anyway!


  4. dr. susan emans

    So you are saying she is Lad in a cat body? :) It does happen- I have an autistic dog patient.
    I finished Suited, and must say I did not expect any of it! And I do love it, though it made me sad. I can’t wait til Unbound comes out!

    1. Joanne

      I hope she’s not Lad! Wouldn’t want the fate of any world to rest on her little shoulders. (Poor cat, I do love her, really!)

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the rest of Suited! Although, yeah, it makes me sad too…


  5. dave

    Read both of your novels and they were really good. hope to see the next one soon

    1. Joanne

      Thank you Dave! I’m so glad you enjoyed them :)


  6. sam tweed

    im a trucker only just listened to debris LOVED IT!!!!!! have ordered suited an i think we should send tanyana after yer publishers…….i wanna see a book three thanks :)

    1. Joanne

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your comment! So glad you enjoyed Debris (and the audio version! That’s so cool!) I hope you enjoy Suited too :)


  7. Melson V

    Dear Ms. Anderton: LOVE the first novel. Similar to Sam below, I’m an avid audiobook consumer and was wondering when (if ever) an audiobook version of Suited will come out. (Listening to Kindle’s text-to-speech is such a chore…) Looking forward to supporting you and your future adventures!

    1. Joanne

      Hi Melson,

      Thank you for your comment, I’m so glad you enjoyed Debris! I don’t know for certain, but I’m sure they will put out an audio version of Suited too. It took a couple of months for the CD of Debris to be released, so maybe it will just take a bit of time?

      Thanks again!


  8. Falan

    I think it is safe to say you are one of my new favorite authors!!!! I loved debris and suited so much! Anxiously waiting for your next book!!!!! 😀

    1. Joanne

      Oh thank you! You’ve absolutely made my day :)

  9. Tiffany

    Just finished Debris. So so good! So creative and a refreshing change from other books! Wonderful! Can’t wait to read Suited!

    1. Joanne

      Hi Tiffany,

      Thanks so much for your message! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Debris, and I hope you like Suited too. Thanks so much for reading :)


  10. Hugh

    Love your wild imagination, and happy that your writing skills are well equal to communicating it to us.
    Loved Debris and Suited, so please twist the arms of your vetch lords to get #3 out.

    1. Joanne

      Hi Hugh,

      Thank you! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I’m so glad you enjoyed the books.

      Hmmm, I’m not all that good at arm-twisting, but I’ll do my best 😀


  11. Heidi Ericson

    I just finished Debris and loved it. I just couldn’t put it down. Hubby wasn’t happy that I ignored him for the three days it took me to finish it. I stumbled upon it at the Library and I need to buy it via Audible. Can’t wait to read Suited. Keep writing, please you have a great way with words.

    1. Joanne

      Hi Heidi,

      Thanks so much for your message! I’m so glad you enjoyed it (but please say sorry to your hubby from me!) :)

      I hope you enjoy Suited too!

      Very many thanks again,

  12. Arthi

    I loved Debris and am waiting to get my copy of Suited. Do you know when you will write the last book of this series?

    1. Joanne

      Thank you Arthi! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Debris, and I hope you like Suited too.

      The third book is currently looking for a home, but hopefully it will find one soon :)


  13. Jenefer Fraser

    Hi Jo,

    Loved the two books. Any news on the third yet?

    1. Joanne

      Hi Jenefer,

      Thanks for your message, I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Watch this space, news on the third book coming soon :)


  14. Mike

    I stumbled across Suited and was intrigued enough that I bought both books. It was one of the best decisions I made last year. Ever since, I have checked this page at least each month in hopes of finding out when the third would finally come out. You have created a world that I think is every bit as vivid, as unique and a memorable as Middle Earth. I await your next creation impatiently, wanting to be there the day, the minute that it is finally available. I pray that we do not have much longer to wait. 😀

    1. Joanne

      Hi Mike!

      Thank you for your message, that means so much to me! What a wonderful way to start the day :)

      I’m sorry about the delay with book three, believe me it’s been frustrating me too. But I will have some news about it very soon!

      Thanks again, and I’m so thrilled you’ve enjoyed the books!


  15. Claire

    Hi Jo

    I really enjoyed books 1 and 2, can’t wait for the third book! I keep checking this page to see if its arriving yet but it looks like I’ll have a little longer to wait…

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Joanne

      Hi Claire,

      Thanks so much for your message! It means the world to me to know there are folks out there who have enjoyed the books.

      Hopefully not too much longer before I can talk more about book three. Trust me, I hate waiting for books in series too :)


  16. Randi

    Any word on book three??? Hope it is soon.

  17. Joanne

    Hi everyone, I can finally announce that book three will be available in early 2014! More info here:

  18. Glen Farnsworth

    Thank you for both books, finished them in a week, now my sister is chasing me to get the third, soooo loved them both. Anxious my awaiting number three, you have two new devoted fans, on here to see what else we can get while waiting … Thanks again.

    1. Joanne

      Hi Glen,

      Thanks so much for your message! I’m so glad you enjoyed the books! :)

      Good news is book three is coming really soon. Looks like pub date is June 2014. You can preorder here if you’d like:


  19. Justin Kuether

    I have always loved science fiction fantasy. When I was deployed for year in 2012 as a medic with special operations forces in Afghanistan, occasionally working with your Australian forces I’m an American, I was always searching out books to read. I found Debris and couldn’t put it down. I as soon as I could had Suited shipped out to me. I have been waiting what seems like forever now for the third novel and am very excited to read it. I have been pushing all my friends into similar books to read then as well. I hope it goes over as well as it deserves and more people start to notice your great work.

    1. Joanne

      Hi Justin,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I’m thrilled to hear you have enjoyed the books, and I hope you like Guardian.

      It feels a bit like forever for me too :)

      Thanks again,

  20. Alek

    Hello Joanne,

    Great story- ‘Simulation Theory’ (y) …really like it…wish u all best…

    1. Joanne

      Thanks Alek! So glad you liked it :)

  21. Steve

    I got Debris on audioCD and loved it. I’ve listened to it 3 times so far. Are they ever going to put Suited and Guardian on CD or am I done with this series?

    Sorry for the dramatics but I don’t like reading/listening to a series in more than one format.


    1. Joanne

      Hi Steve, very sorry to say that’s not likely to happen any time soon :( but glad you enjoyed Debris!

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