Short Stories

Street Furniture: Published in At the Edge by Paper Road Press, 2016

Unnamed Children: In a city that demands sacrifices from its people, living on the edge of society can be dangerous. Remember, don’t stray from the path. Published in Bloodlines from Ticonderoga Publications in 2015.

Bullets: A nasty little fairytale about bush fires and the isolation of the Australian outback. Published in the AHWA anthology, Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep in 2015

2B: “An incredibly strange, magical and wonderful story of a town where things grow on trees, such as pencils and car tyres.” Published in Insert Title Here from Fablecroft in 2015

Simulation Theory: The bond between a soldier and his robot should not be underestimated. Published in COSMOS Magazine Feb/March 2014.

The Last Tiger: In a mechanical future devoid of life, Edward falls in love with the Last Tiger. But her existence comes at a cost. Online now at Daily SF.

Mah Song: In a post-apocalyptic world built on sacrifice, the bond between a brother and sister will change everything. Original story in The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories. Shortlisted for the Aurealis and Ditmar awards. Reprinted in Focus 2013 by Fablecroft Publishing. Reprinting in the Years Best YA Speculative Fiction 2013 from Twelfth Planet Press.

Fence Lines: An unending cycle of death and rebirth. A world long gone to hell. And a fence line built from the bones of the dead. Original story in The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories. Shortlisted for an Australian Shadows Award.

Sand and Seawater – co-written with Rabia Gale: An island where bad luck is sewn into dolls sent out to sea. But what happens when the dolls start coming back? Published in One Small Step from Fablecroft Publishing.

Always a Price: Winner of the AHWA Short story award 2012. Published in Midnight Echo 8 November 2012. Reprinted in Award Winning Australian Writing 2013.

Sanaa’s Army: Bloodstones October 2012. Reprinted in Focus 2012: Highlights of Australian Short Fiction from FableCroft Publishing. Shortlisted for the Aurealis and Ditmar awards.

Luminaire: Published in From Stage Door Shadows in September 2012. Twenty-six authors trade Tiny Dancer’s California- blessed lyrics for the shadowed recesses of stages large and small in From Stage Door Shadows, a speculative fiction homage to the darkness just beyond the limelight of the entertainment industry.

The Bone Chime Song: Zvonimir creates wind chimes that can summon the shadowy spirit of whatever they are made of. His old friend, war hero, and city Watchman, Casimir arrives at his door with the body of a murder victim, and asks him to build a wind chime from their bones. The city Necromancers have been unable to raise the victim’s spirit, and plagued by his own demons and doubts, Casimir turns again to his oldest friend — as he always does in his times of need. But Zvonimir can not foresee the song the bone chime will sing, or the impact it will have on both of them. Published in Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear from Peggy Bright Books, June 2012. Translated and reprinted in Science Fiction World (China).

A Memory Trapped in Light: Isola lives a hard life beneath Crust, amidst the ruins of her civilisation. When her sister Ruby is taken by one of the terrible Drones, she will risk everything to get her back. But Isola cannot imagine who she will meet on that fateful journey, or the consequences of her actions — consequences that will echo through two worlds. A story set in the Debris universe, published in Epilogue from Fablecroft Press, June 2012.

Tied to the Waste: A crippled witch and her enhanced cats make magic out of the scrap of a dying world. When they find the pure body of a dead bird among all the usual rubbish, it brings hope, and an entirely different kind of power. Published in Tales of the Talisman, March 2012. Reprinted in The Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2012.

High Density: In an ordinary suburban street a secret war is being waged, between the encroaching Density and a small band of residents intent on preserving the past. A story about coping with change when it all happens too fast, and the magical artifacts we hold onto, the ones with the strength of our memories and past. Published in ASIM, February 2012.

Out Hunting For Teeth: Wype, part machine, part dead boy, hunts humans through the insides of a crippled starship, so he can extract their useful material, such as skeletons and neural networks. He usually ignores the whispers from his dead boy’s brain and listens to his programming instead, until he finds the body of a man hanged by his own people. What he discovers on the dead man’s networks will change everything. Published in Midnight Echo 6, November 2011. Received an honourable mention in the 2011 Australian Shadows Award for best short story.

Flowers in the Shadow of the Garden: Asfar is Threaded, bound to collect powerful and toxic stigma from the Gardens of plants and bone that float above her desert world. The Gardens have begun to fall, and with the stigma growing scarce, she finds herself in a conflict for resources with the technologically advanced City States. But when one such battle brings an entire Garden down on her, Asfar must learn to trust her enemy — Edward, captain of a City State harvester — to survive. Can Edward and Asfar put aside their conflict to learn the truth about the Gardens, and save themselves? Published in the Hope Anthology from Kayelle Press, October 2011. Finalist for the Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story. Shortlisted for the WSFA Small Press award!

From the Dry Heart to the Sea: When the drought finally breaks in a dry, far-future, the suddenly raging river brings more than water with it. Damla, the only female ferrymaster in Town, doesn’t trust the river or the changes it makes to the people around her. With ‘Ararat’, her trusty ferry, she must decide where she belongs, and what she is willing to sacrifice to survive the river’s deadly waves. Published in After the Rain by FableCroft Publishing, April 2011.

The Sea at Night: Joe is homeless, and every night he digs through the sand of Maroubra beach, looking for the life that was stolen from him. Then he meets Gideon, who offers him an alternative to his misery and loneliness, but only at a terrible price. Published in Dead Red Heart by Ticonderoga Publications, April 2011. Received an honourable mention in the 2011 Australian Shadows Award for best short story.

Breathtaker: Published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue #44 in August 2010.

Graffiti: Matt thought scribbling a little graffiti would be harmless fun. But when he discovers the truth can he save his mate Jason from the ghosts he has awakened? A YA story published in Worlds Next Door, FableCroft Publishing in August 2010. Visit the accompanying website – containing free teaching materials, story downloads, podcasts, guest blogs and more.

A Little Courage: The real-life story of how my husband and I met, and came to realise what we meant to each other (no dragons or ghosts in this one!) Published in Out of the Frying Pan: Bittersweet Tales of Stumbling Into Adulthood by Finch Publishing in March 2010.

Little Ghost Boy: The little ghost boy, too frightened to join the other dead playing in the ocean, meets a little living girl… who just might be scarier than any of the dead. Published in Midnight Echo 3 in November 2009.

Albatross Ghosts: A lonely old man knows the truth about a world ravaged by ghosts. Published in Kaleidotrope #7, October 2009.

Shadow of Drought: For a small, drought ravaged community, salvation comes with a price. Published in Midnight Echo Issue 2 in June 2009, I will forever think of this as ‘The Creepy Statue Story’. This story was recommended for a 2009 Stoker award!

Dragon Bones: An outback emergency, a powerful secret, and the Royal Flying Doctor Service… with dragons! Published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #39, June 2009. Shortlisted for a 2009 Aurealis Award for ‘Best Young Adult Short Story’.

Death Masque: Henry is willing to risk everything to give his dead son a second chance at life. But does he really understand the cost? Published in the CSFG anthology, Masques, in March 2009.

Cold Beneath the Bougainvillea: Even dead cats need a bed to snuggle into on a cold night. Published in 2008 in the innovative Black Box.

Wordwitch: When a prison guard falls for one of his prisoners it changes not only him, but the rest of his world. July 2008 issue feature story at A Fly in Amber.

Dogs: In the walls of a plague-ravaged city, a secret, dark war is being raged. This story won the Conjure short story competition in 2006, and was published in Aurealis in 2007.

Demons and Gin: Can a drunk, ex-powerful sorcerer save the world from the reanimated corpse of a woman he failed to protect the first time? Published in 2007 in Niteblade.

Trail of Dead: Where would you go if you were cursed to raise the dead in your footsteps, and a driza-bone wearing, samurai sword wielding hunter was bent on getting rid of you? How about the Australian outback? Published in 2007 in ‘Zombies’ by Altair Australia. Reprinted in Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror Vol 3! By Brimstone Press in 2009, and Zombies: More Recent Dead by Prime Books in 2014.

When the Mountain Weeps: The mountain is a jealous mother. Eventually, her sons must return home. Published in 2007 in ‘Touched by Wonder’ by Meadowhawk Press.

Whale Fall: At the bottom of the ocean, whole societies depend on the body of a dead whale to survive. Who will they feast on, if all the whales are gone? Published in 2007 at Daikaijuzine.

Flightless: The girl and her dragon (or was that the other way around) return! What will happen to their relationship if the dragon is a dragon no more? Published in 2007 at Arcane Twilight.

Thread Embrace: Some outfits really like their owners, and aren’t happy when they’re murdered by a dress-obsessed serial killer. This strange story was published in 2007 at The Harrow.

Mirror Dirt: A good reason to keep your mirrors clean! This flash fiction story was published in 2007 in Flashspec Volume Two.

Darkened: A ‘dark soldier’ attempts to flee army life, and makes a friend who shows her there is hope in even the darkest of magics. Published in 2007 in the very first Staffs & Starships Magazine.

Threefold: In this story a witch does a Goddess’ dirty work to bring a supernatural nasty to justice. Published in 2007 at Bewildering Stories.

Swinging the World: A very, very short story inspired by spending my lunch break on a set of swings near work. Won Flash Me Magazine’s October 2006 ‘Lightning Flash Fiction’ competition.

Bond: A story about a girl and her dragon. Or maybe that’s a dragon and his girl? Published in 2006 by Deep Magic, a gorgeous magazine that is sadly no longer with us.

The Feast: A kind-of zombie story, and my first ever publication! Came 3rd in the Australian Horror Writers Association flash fiction competition in 2005 and was published in Shadowed Realms. Reprinted in Book of Shadows Volume One.