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Aug 05

A slightly delayed post with photos!

Award and Chess

So, I should have done this ages ago. But if I’d got my act together and taken these photos earlier I wouldn’t have been wearing my awesome Portal 2 shirt, and that would have been very very sad. This would be me, then, with my very own copy of my very own book two! UK …

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Jun 26

In which I have a pretty awesome couple of days

So, yesterday I won the Australian Horror Writer’s Association short story competition. ‘Always a Price’ is a nasty little story about a nasty little cat. It’s an idea that’s been *ahem* clawing away at me for a little while, and I’m glad to see it do well. Congrats to the other winners and honourable mentions, …

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Nov 03

Sinister Reads and the Stoker Awards

Sinister Reads is currently promoting members of the Australian Horror Writers Association who have been recommended for the annual Bram Stoker award with a series of posts about each author. Watch this space