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Jan 24

Depends on how you say it..

But sometimes Debris can rhyme with CD! That’s right folks, CD. Just like the CDs in the audiobook version which JUST turned up on my doorstep today! Check it out! Oooh, LOTS of CDs. It even says ‘Unabridged’. I like that. How cool is that? It’s performed by Kate Rudd (who has just got to …

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Sep 24

Debris is ALIVE!

I did something very, very exciting today. I travelled to Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney and signed copies of Debris! That’s right folks, Debris is alive! It’s a real book. On the shelves! I touched it! And held it. And patted it. And signed several! Galaxy Bookshop has been my favourite place since Dad introduced it to …

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Sep 18

The Angry Robot Hour at Conflux 7!

Everyone is invited! Just let me know if you wanna come!

May 23

Debris is looking a lot like a real book nowadays

Check it out on Angry Robot’s website, over here! With it’s pretty cover, and cool blurb, and nice comments from wonderful people. And ISBNs. And release dates. Oh my. At the moment October still feels so far away, but then again I would have said that about May not that long ago, and now look …

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Apr 07

Debris has cover art!

I’m trying very hard not to jump up and down in an extremely undignified manner about this. So if you see any such undignified jumping happening in this blog post, please feel free to sit me down and hand me a nice cup of tea. Debris has cover art. Can I say that again? Debris has cover …

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