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Dec 05

Not dead, just busy

That’d be me.¬†What is it about this time of year? It’s like a giant time-sucking black hole has opened up above my house and it’s vacuuming up the rest of the year while I’m sitting here, typing away furiously and otherwise shaking my fist at it. Whew. Don’t worry, I have coffee and I’m not …

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May 18

The strangeness of the writerly brain

My writerly brain is being moody. After a productive day yesterday it has decided that no, we will not be working on the novel today thank you very much. I tried arguing with it. I tried tricking it with music and cool scenes set in a long-lost buried city. Nope, no go. Apparently it wants …

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May 15

Money = Books

Payment from Midnight Echo 2 has just come in and I’ve already spent it on New Ceres Nights. I proofread a lot of these stories so I know just how fantastic they are. Can’t wait to get a hold of it! The weekend is finally upon us! And that means writing time. Also, short story …

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May 03

Progress, and a review

Novel progress is happening, sadly not at the rate I would like, but still happening. I blame early chapter teething-problems, and Monday’s migraine from hell. I seem to have sorted out the world-building and plot kinks, and a quick reread over the first two chapters proved they weren’t as bad as I’d thought. First drafty, …

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Apr 25


Yes, a novel requires lots of planning. Notes and brainstorming and lists and timelines. But there is a point where the planning becomes procrastinating. For me, that time is now. And I know why. It’s because I am afraid. Afraid that I won’t be able to replicate whatever it was I did right in the …

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