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Nov 25

It creeps like a creeping thing until it spreads its wings

Debris is stalking me again. It is almost revision time. I have started dreaming about it. I find myself writing new scenes to music in the car. I know the signs. My gorgeous beta-readers have given me juicy, chewy, yummilicious notes to work with. I have printed these, I have scanned them. My fingers itch …

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Oct 09

Juliet and the Finish Line

I’m a big fan of Juliet Marillier. Her books are like cake to me, rich and yummy. I think her use of language is beautiful, and I always get sucked into the characters and their relationships. So I was excited to read her post at Writer Unboxed about revising her current project because A) new …

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Sep 29


Ahh (that’s me taking a deep breath cuz I’ve been, you know, under water the whole time so, like, holding my breath. The analogy… from last post… oh forget it!) Read like that, printed out and over three days, Debris is almost like a real book. How shocking. Of course, now I have a large …

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Jul 14

Impressions: The Steel Remains

I don’t consider myself qualified to write reviews, as I’m not a critical reader. If I read something, I like it. And this is always true, because if I start something and don’t like it, I stop reading. At any point. Life is too short for bad books. Harsh and judgemental? I don’t think so. …

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