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Dec 05

Not dead, just busy

That’d be me.¬†What is it about this time of year? It’s like a giant time-sucking black hole has opened up above my house and it’s vacuuming up the rest of the year while I’m sitting here, typing away furiously and otherwise shaking my fist at it. Whew. Don’t worry, I have coffee and I’m not …

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Oct 16

Because I have such wonderful friends

Yesterday I received a belated birthday present from a dear and wonderful friend, who also happens to be an extremely talented writer. She’s at home in Sri Lanka now, having spent years studying and then working in Australia, and I miss her a LOT (and am trying to work out when I can go visit …

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Sep 24

Must be time to start writing again

I gave myself this week off to get over this stupid cold. Spent my evenings crashing on the couch, and obviously needed it *sigh* But last night I struggled to get to sleep, because I was distracted by books I want to write. That’s the sign, isn’t it. Must be time to start writing again

Sep 19

Might as well whinge online too

Because I’ve been whinging so much in real life. It’s only fair. You know when you’re sick, and you get to that stage where being sick is BORING and you just want to do something productive. But as soon as you try, you realise you’re not actually as healthy as you thought you were? Yeah, …

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Sep 15

Excuse #230 for not writing new words this evening

Giant atomic glowing kitty stood on my computer. True story.

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