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Jul 20

I got your ragnarök right here

Behold, the end of the world: Navi has a skin irritation, poor thing. Luckily for us, she’s out of the cone now. Sadly, we are still all doomed to feel her wrath. The vet thinks it’s an allergic reaction to something in her food. So she has to eat The Most Boring Food Ever for …

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May 19

And then I get to sleep, right?

Blurg, what a day. After a stormy night we woke up this morning to a leak in the lounge room ceiling and a cat with an upset tummy. (The same cat who spent all night yowling at us like we were supposed to, somehow, magically make her feel better, right now!) So I’ve spent the …

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Dec 27

And we’re back!

Ahh, the internet. How I missed you. Sadly, a month or so ago my dear laptop decided it didn’t want to talk to the great wide world anymore. Hence the silence. Of course, it picked a great time to have this hissy fit — just when I had flights to book, Xmas presents to buy …

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Apr 03

Because puppies are more interesting than listening to me complain about my back

I give you Gully. Defender of us all! Particularly from the dry palm tree leaves people dump on the golf course. Oh no, I lied. I’m going to squeeze in a little back talk here. It seems to be getting better, but it’s slow and petulant about it. Physio torture and swimming have helped. I …

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Mar 30

*expletive deleted*

GodDAMN it! Doing my usual exercises yesterday aggravated the back, for reasons I do not understand. There was no pop or crunch or twinge, just slow build up of pain and oh boy yay we’re back there again are we? I’m SO angry at myself for letting this happen! Revision was finished, new story begun …

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