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Sep 10

Worldcon and strange noises

Worldcon was SO MUCH FUN. Hows that for a con report? You want details? The con hotel was the Hilton South Wharf and far, far fancier than any I could usually afford. The convention centre was huge and full of sff-loving people… my kinda people. Caught up with too many people to name. But special …

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Mar 31


Someone reminded me that I haven’t blogged in a while. This is not a good state of affairs! So, updatery Suited revision is finished, and ms off to beta-readers. I’ve decided that calls for some time off. I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks, feeling burned out writing-wise. So, I’m taking a fortnight (ish) …

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Jan 11


It’s only the very beginning of 2010 and already it’s a super-busy year. Apart from working myself silly with revisions (and a new book idea has popped up AND a short story… down ideas! Sit! Stay!) we spent the weekend up in the Hunter Valley for my younger brother’s wedding. So yeah, it’s been a …

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Nov 11

Midnight Echo 3… coming soon!

Midnight Echo 3 is nearly here and looks suitably creepylicious! Can’t wait to see it. In other news, I’ve had a minor back injury relapse. Not so bad I can’t sit and type, but bad enough to stop me sleeping soundly. Physio tortured me for a while today and hopefully we have caught it before …

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Aug 25

Birthday, review, eyes… yeah I couldn’t come up with a proper title

Well, had another birthday on the weekend. Where does the time go, oh my how it flies etc etc. Spent a lovely few days with close friends — baking the most evil delicious chocolate-stacked birthday cake ever! — and my wonderful husband. Don’t feel much older, definitely not any more mature, but I enjoyed celebrating …

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