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Jun 13

Work is trying to kill me

But I knew it was coming This week we had our sales conference. That involves a lot of sitting, eating, listening, eating, discussing, more eating, and then a whole heap of work at the end. Maybe some more eating. It also meant that no writing was done, though lots of late nights, early mornings and …

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Mar 09


A little while ago I was having a writing related conversation with someone. After discussing a new project they asked ‘and what else have you been doing? Besides writing, of course?’ Sounds simple enough, but this question made me panic. Because I couldn’t think of anything. Slush reading, I could have said, but I don’t …

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Nov 16


Look at how long it’s been since I posted anything! That’s terrible *tisk tisk* It’s not like nothing’s been going on. Debris has been to the first round of lovely, patient, generous beta readers. I’m studiously ignoring their feedback until I finish a few things first. I know that book will suck me back in …

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Aug 02

Writing and the E word. Exercise.

I remember attending a panel at a con a few years ago where an author (really wish I remember who it was…) spoke about how important exercise is in the writing life. Keeping your body in shape as you do your mind. Something like that. When my back broke down and I couldn’t sit in …

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Jun 14

What a week!

Sales conference time at work. That means half the week spent meeting publishers and authors, hearing about new books and eating a lot of food. Second half of the week devoted to an avalanche of post-conference work. I still have exhaustion. And we looked at appliances this morning for the new kitchen. Didn’t help. Back …

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