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Feb 23

Out of the Frying Pan!

Found a lovely surprise on my doorstep this morning: my author copy of Out of the Frying Pan! The pub date is April so I wasn’t expecting to see it so soon. It’s such a great looking book and the stories are amazing. Was flicking through it this afternoon and before I knew it I’d …

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Jan 31

In another world?

Behind in my blog posting again, where is my head at the moment? Ah, I know. When a sff writer says ‘oh, sorry, I was in another world’ that means we’re hard at work… right? So, what I have forgotten to mention is ‘Breathtaker’ — a quasi-romantic, quasi-apocalyptic short story of mine — will be …

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Jan 12

Odds and ends and melting

Urk, it’s too hot tonight. Of course, this is nothing compared to what others have been putting up with. But still. Hot. Melting inhibits the revision so instead, I’ll chat about some odds and ends! First, and very exciting, is that the ToC for Worlds Next Door has been announced and my short story, ‘Graffiti’ …

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Dec 27

And we’re back!

Ahh, the internet. How I missed you. Sadly, a month or so ago my dear laptop decided it didn’t want to talk to the great wide world anymore. Hence the silence. Of course, it picked a great time to have this hissy fit — just when I had flights to book, Xmas presents to buy …

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Nov 19

*cough hack* ME3! *coughs*

Taking a short break from hacking up my lungs here to say Midnight Echo 3 has arrived! My twisted little story, Little Ghost Boy, is in some fantastic company there. I’ve already spent my payment on pre-ordering ‘Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror Vol 4’ from Brimstone Press. *cough hack* The new Devin Townsend album is …

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