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Nov 26

Well… that was a long break wasn’t it


So, I just realised I haven’t done an update since February. FEBRUARY. And it’s almost December. How did that happen?? (I think someone stole a chunk of my¬†year! Help!) And you know, it’s not like things didn’t happen this year. Writing, and life, and the eternal¬†balancing act between the two. I even had some short …

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Dec 03



I’ve been in book-land for the past few weeks and terribly lax in my updating. So here goes: A lovely review of Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear over at A Fantastical Librarian. Not only am I thrilled that she enjoyed ‘The Bone Chime Song’ but this bit made me go ‘eep’: When I was approached …

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Oct 13

A few things happened while I was away


So, I’ve been in Japan. It was wonderful brilliant epic beautiful and fantastic fun. There will be photos. Soon. But a few things happened while I was away! Like, From Stage Door Shadows was launched. It was very exciting to come home to my very own copy (although Navi doesn’t look very excited about it…) …

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Feb 25

Quick post about a review

What more do you need to know? Found a review of Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror Vol 3 at Dark Scribe Magazine the other day, one that actually mentions ‘Trail of Dead’. Considering the extremely high calibre of stories in this antho, I’m stoked to get a mention: Joanne Anderton also ventures into Romero territory …

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Jan 12

Odds and ends and melting

Urk, it’s too hot tonight. Of course, this is nothing compared to what others have been putting up with. But still. Hot. Melting inhibits the revision so instead, I’ll chat about some odds and ends! First, and very exciting, is that the ToC for Worlds Next Door has been announced and my short story, ‘Graffiti’ …

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