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Sep 19

Dictionary fun

Beta-Reader n 1. An awesome, amazing person who gives freely of their time, energy and expertise to read anything from a short story to a novel (sometimes more than once) and give valuable feedback 2. An awesome, amazing person who raises tricky, interesting questions to which I currently have no answers (but I’m sure we’ll …

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Mar 31


Someone reminded me that I haven’t blogged in a while. This is not a good state of affairs! So, updatery Suited revision is finished, and ms off to beta-readers. I’ve decided that calls for some time off. I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks, feeling burned out writing-wise. So, I’m taking a fortnight (ish) …

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Mar 07

Getting a move on

Is what I really need to be doing. My beta-readers are super-efficient and wonderful so I need to knuckle down and do some work! So I will! But… trying to work out WorldCon plans. And need to head to the shops too. Oh and there’s some proof-reading heading my way. And look, now I’m blogging! …

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Mar 01

And we’re back at it!

That was a lovely break, wasn’t it? Yesterday I went through my notes for this series, right from the research I did at the very beginning. I wanted to make sure that things were still on track, that even though the story has changed a lot from those preliminary ideas I am still maintaining the …

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Feb 22

Stick a fork in this draft, it’s done

Draft the second is officially DONE. Completed. OVER. New word count comes in at 116,600 up from 113,100. But, the most telling part? I cut (ready for this?) almost 20,000 words of crap. So that means that I also wrote 23,000 new words of not crap. Oh, how I hope they’re not crap. This is …

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