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Jan 31

In another world?

Behind in my blog posting again, where is my head at the moment? Ah, I know. When a sff writer says ‘oh, sorry, I was in another world’ that means we’re hard at work… right? So, what I have forgotten to mention is ‘Breathtaker’ — a quasi-romantic, quasi-apocalyptic short story of mine — will be …

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Jan 14

On middles and muddles and big bad scissors

Well, I just passed the half-way point in this revision and sure enough the middle is as big a muddle as I’d feared. Tonight, I sat down and worked out what wasn’t working and how I could fix it. Then I cut 9000 words, give or take a few. But you know what, that’s ok. …

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Jan 11


It’s only the very beginning of 2010 and already it’s a super-busy year. Apart from working myself silly with revisions (and a new book idea has popped up AND a short story… down ideas! Sit! Stay!) we spent the weekend up in the Hunter Valley for my younger brother’s wedding. So yeah, it’s been a …

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Nov 23

Revision rant

So, after a vigorous internal debate I did not rearrange the structure of the beginning quite as drastically as I first thought. No matter what I tried the new structure just threw up a whole set of problems of its own. So instead, I tried to work out what was so wrong with it, why …

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Nov 21

Maybe we should just knock the whole thing down?

If this novel draft is a house, then this revision is the kind of renovation where the only thing that stays the same are the numbers out the front. Eeek, I know, analogy torture. I’ve come to the weighty decision that the structure of the entire beginning is wrong. Time to cut, rearrange, paste then …

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