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Apr 25

Book three has a new name!

After a lot of consideration, book three of the Veiled Worlds is getting a new name. I think Tehani says it best: Changing a title can be a big decision, especially if promotion for the book has already begun, but, after much deliberation, Jo Anderton and I have decided to change the title of the …

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Oct 12

Ahem… book three

I have FAR too much energy this morning! Last night we went to see the always amazing and hilarious Devin Townsend in concert and I might have gone a little crazy (they played Save Our Now! I wrote MOST of the Bone Gardens book to this song and I love it with so much love!)┬áSomehow, …

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Jul 31

Massage Therapy

Good for knotted backs, and knotted plot problems. Unbound Well, that’s it. First draft done. I’m not 100% sure about the ending, and I have a few pages worth of notes to start revision with, but I think (hope?) that most of it is in pretty good nick. What did I learn from his novel? …

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Jul 29

It’s kinda like playing dress-ups, except you can do it in your pjs and it drives you mad

I have taken this week off work to finish Unbound. The ending is kicking my arse and I seem to be oscillating between book-love and book-hate, like, three times in the past fifteen minutes. Also learning that pretending to be a full-time writer ain’t all fun and kittens and sparkle. Spending all day with invisible …

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Jul 12

Instead of disturbing my hard working writing buddies…

…I’ll write a blog post. Aren’t I kind. Unbound Hit a small stumbling block today. We’re at ‘the beginning of the end’ of the novel, and today I was writing one of those big moments. You know the kind. Main character’s in a tight spot, OMG we’re all doomed, then something happens. Something that changes …

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